Saturday, June 03, 2006 there a Warshcloth Anonymous Group Anywhere?

DONE! My 1st Ballband and oh the horror of it all, I think I am addicted. Funny thing that, I had no desire to make one when I saw Kay and Ann at String of Purls, but upon joining the KAL and seeing so many others I crumbled to the peer pressure. As an odd note, I have a small scale for measuring out sock yarn and out of curiousity - since ombre balls have less yardage - Each set of two balls is just enough to make the obverse versions of each other if you only cast on 40 stitches. Queer that eh?

I've been doing that and have made it with the 45 stitches. Maybe I knit a little tighter? I have some left over too. Just enough to make a little bit of everything warshrag.
Good to Know! I am Loose - loose knitter I mean. I also have been confounded by some yarns where no matter what needle I use all gauges are the same. Thank goodness for the fractions calculator.
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