Monday, June 05, 2006


A finish and a start

I finished my first dishcloth. I really liked working the pattern and the yarn was a dream to use. It's in Sugar n' Cream. It just slipped right along on my Denise's. It felt like fluffy icing. But that could be just cause I wanted cake at the time.

I also started some miters. I have wanted to make these for a while, but thought they were much more complicated. But once I made one, I just wanted to keep going. I am just using what I had on hand so it's not in cotton. I am using Caron Simply Soft. Don't shoot me for not using cotton, but I just couldn't wait to start them.

Nah, the knitting police don't hang out here :-) The miters look wonderful. To be honest if I were doing a blanket I wouldn't do it in cotton yarn. It would weigh a ton and take a lifetime to dry. I would go with acrylics. There are some really nice ones out there and perfect I think for a blanket or anything that is going to need frequent washing.
You have made a really smashing start.
I agree, fibers are a personal choice and no one should judge! (Although I am still rather freaked out by people who manage to knit with linen!) :)
i love caron simply makes great blankets. i agree with suzann-i would never use cotton!! soooo heavy. i think it is beautiful...can't wait to see more done.
Thanks to you all for those kind words.
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