Monday, June 05, 2006


Kimono Question

Mason Dixon KAL

I've got my kimono done, boy, how can something so easy be so cute?! I'm not getting the ribbon thing, though. Do you need 4 pieces of ribbon, 2 fastened to the side, 2 fastened to the front, and tie them? Or just 2 on the side that thread through the eyelets on the front? Help!

From what I gathered from the book, you are supposed to sew 4 pieces of ribbon to the kimono. I can't sew on regular fabric, let alone on knit fabric, so I modified and used two ribbons. I doubled the length called for and added an inch - so 19" - then I threaded the ribbons so that the two ends came out an inch apart. Did the same thing through a couple of eyelet holes an inch apart. I mustered a little bravery and tacked the ribbons with a stitch or two on the wrong side so that they wouldn't slide. Hope this helps / makes sense!
I used 4 ribbons: I bought a yard and cut it into 4/9 inch pieces. It was nylon grossgrain as the pattern called for (but I think a bit narrower). I then took a lighter to all the ribbon ends to gently melt an edge on them, and cease any fraying. I sewed two of the pieces to the sideseam with cotton sewing thread, and the other two to the corresponding side of the flap (I sewed them to the back of the flap, before the eyelet edge.) You can then tie the two bows. Isn't it the cutest pattern? Good luck!
Thanks, frog happens and kel! Now to find the perfect ribbon, and a hat pattern to match.
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