Monday, June 05, 2006


Adapting the kimono pattern for a different gauge

Anyone know how to do this? The yarn I want to use is 4 st per inch. If I knit it as written, it will give me a bigger kimono, which actually might be better now that summer is approaching (baby will be born in July). But if I wanted to knit it as written, how would I change the pattern?

Is there some sort of equation out there in the knitting world that I don't know of, or is this trial and error (VERY well acquainted with that, thankyouverymuch). Can anyone recommend a resource or book I might find the answer in?


The gauge for the kimono as written is five stitches to the inch, meaning that if you work the pattern with the yarn and needle size directed, the back of your kimono will measure eight inches across.

40 stitches divided by 5 stitches to the inch = 8 inches

With your yarn at four stitches to the inch, you would cast on 32 stitches to measure eight inches across the back of your kimono.

4 stitches/inch times 8 inches = 32 stitches

If you follow the pattern as written, with the bigger gauge, your kimono will measure 10" across

4 stitches/inch times 10 inches = 40 stitches.

It's basic algebra--who knew this is what they meant when they said it would come in useful someday!

You should do a gauge swatch of at least 20 stitches and rows if you want to decide exactly how to proceed, based on how big you want your kimono to turn out. You can always try different needle sizes to try and reach the same 5/inch gauge that the pattern is written for.
Stitch 'n Bitch Nation (the second SnB book) has a detailed section on gauge and how to use a different yarn. It's really helped me.
Thanks (especially Chloe for the tutorial!). Maybe I would have been a better math student if word equations were more relevant: Knitter A is knitting 5 stitches per inch, Knitter B is knitting 4 stitches per inch; how long will it take for them to knit up a Log Cabin blanket?
I echo Kara's comment. Great explanation in SnB Nation 2, starting on page 15. Best reason to buy this book
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