Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hello, KALers.

I've been reading the KAL blog almost since it revved up, but just now decided to join. I bought the book and met Ann and Kay all on the same day about one month ago. Since then I've crafted four ballband dishcloths, 3 warshrags (it would have been 4 but the yarn on the Cotton Chenille snapped when I was almost done - grrr), a baby bib. And I'm currently working on Absorba out of four strands of Sugar 'n Cream coned in natural on size US15s. Oh, and I've also got a linen handtowel on the needles, as well.

Can you say obsessed?

You've been hard at work! Love the colors on your warshrags. I had the same thing happen to me with the Cotton Chenille snapping! I actually recently posted my frustration with the circle warshrags. I am re-attempting with Fantasy Naturale, but still struggling with the bobbles!
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