Monday, June 05, 2006


Log Cabin Progress

Baby log cabin continues to grow. All of the colors are now in play and I like the result. This little guy is growing fast. Several more strips and I'll be finished. I'm wondering if I should back it with flannel. It would give the blanket a more finished look, but I worry that it might make it too bulky. We live in an awfully warm climate. Any thoughts? Posted by Picasa

So Gorgeous! Now I want to make one! My lining. We live in a very cold climate and I still wouldn't line it because garter stitch is so flexible that I think it will pucker and wave and you will be disappointed. You could always just make a second one for chilly times.
Beautiful! I also vote no lining.
Those colors are fabulous. Can you tell me what yarn you are using? Is it Tahki Cotton Classics? I love love love it. So great.
No lining it is. (I stink at sewing anyway.) The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease. It's discontinued but you can still find it on ebay. However I'd probably substitute KnitPicks Shine instead.
This is just stunning. You did a really wonderful job on it. What size is? I'm really curious about size (I'm knitting a baby one now and don't know how big I need to go). Thanks. --Sally
wow! that is absolutely gorgeous! i wouldn't do the lining. i am making one, too (with koigu), and i am not going to line it. i live in a warm climate, also.
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