Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hello. I love this book. It has changed my knitting life. I was becoming quite discouraged with my lack of wearable finished products. However, having found all of knitting faults under the list of "things you will do," I feel quite better now. I have attempted the log cabin meathod, using Noro Silk Garden #230. I thought it might look cool to make a blanket using this yarn because it is variegated and, even though I am using the same yarn throughout, each square would be a different color. However, it occured to me after I did a few blocks that it would probably look cooler to get another color of the same yarn and alternate. I thought about introducing one, but I figured it would look mottled and not as good, so I scratched that idea and decided just to finish what I started-- a novel idea for me. This is what I got so far.

I like it!
LOL! I love your comment because I just had to read that list of 'things you will do' and he was cracking up - I've done at least half of them in his presence and the other half when he wasn't around! You WILL drop a stitch - just last night!!

Good work. I'm not as crazy about Noro as everyone else on the planet seems to be but I like the look of it in the log cabin.
i love noro, and i really love your blanket! i never would have thought to use that, great idea!
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