Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Birthday Dishcloths For Mom

I think the real joy of these short, fun projects is that they give us permission to knit for the mundane yet surround ourselves with the luxury of handknitting for daily use. We feel safe to expiriment with color and pattern, a little bit daring, and we have the joy of using them every day. Or giving them away:
I made these for my mother's 72nd birthday. She has a new kitchen using mostly gutsy blue tones. As she said to me, "For once I don't have to worry about how my colors will sell to a future buyer. This is my house, in my colors, and I will be here until I die. Then you kids can worry about selling the damn house!" This woman deserves all the handknits I can bestow. (Also may explain the hot-pink marble counters seen below?)
I live in a town without a Wal-Mart (Shhhhh! Don't tell them!) and can't find Peaches/Sugar & Cream anywhere. So I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton found at the Ace Hardware, and added a crochet loop for hanging dry.

Beautiful colors! My MIL's kitchen is blue too. I think I will knit a dishcloth for her. Thanks for the inspiration!
I also crochet'ed some loops in the corner for hanging - and I thought I was being so clever! Great colors!
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