Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Baby Bib!!!

i am still on the baby bib kick! here is the latest one. the buttons are pink butterflies (they didn't show up too well!). this is the first one i have done with the 2 straps (i usually do one long one) and i really enjoyed it. i will be doing more the correct way from now on! i have another one already on the looking for more postings!

on another note....i have been pondering the idea of starting a log cabin blanket, but i can't figure out what yarn to use. i am afraid that cotton will be too heavy, wool is too likely to mistakenly get felted in the washer, acrylic is well....acrylic. all yarn snob comments aside i am think i might go with the acrylic anyway. any ideas??

I suggest a cotton blend. You get all the benefits of cotton with a lighter weight and more stretch. There are some really good cotton/synthetic blends and great cotton/wool blends out there.
What about Shine worsted at It is a cotton blend with gorgeous colors
yeah the i had been eying the shine! maybe i will go that way. i too LOVE the colors it comes in!
I'm using Encore for my log-cabin blanket. It's a wool acrylic blend that is nice and soft but won't felt. Available in lots of yummy colors.
I knitted the log cabin baby blanket from the book out of cotton (rowan hand knit DK) and it turned out great not too heavy at all. I highly recommend it.
I love the three buttons on your bib! Super cute!
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