Thursday, June 08, 2006



Hi ... my name is Lisa ... and I'm addicted to knitting ballband dishcloths!!! I'm not ready to begin a 12-step program yet, as I'm still having too much fun! I'm so glad to see that everyone else is having fun knitting these great projects.

Cute colors. I love dish cloths too. See my post a few below yours about needing a support group...I like the ball band pattern but have also made lots of others using free patterns found on the internt. There is something about doing a cute project quickly that make one want to do it over and over.
What are the colours? Besides yummy I mean : )
I used Sugar 'n Cream Rose Pink and White on one and the other is Painted Desert and tan. I've done another one in Summer Splash and Hot Green that looks fun, and on the needles now is Country Side Ombre (variagated green/purple) and Sage Green. I'm going out for more cotton yarn this afternoon!!
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