Friday, June 09, 2006


Another suggestion

Good thought, knitnut, but unless I integrate another color (I think seven is enough!), the black log will bump up against the border and look strange. I also tried making the border red but it still looks unbalanced with the black logs. So far, I'm liking the black center/border best. Thanks for all the opinions!

I like it but not where the black is on the outside and hits the border. Would you want each block the same and not change where the position of the colors are then the black wouldn't hit the border. Just a thought. Fun to play with and change the colors around.
yeah I think you are right about the balance. the more i look at it the more i like the one where the black is the center and then the border. See you had it right all along. Can't wait to see the blocks.
I prefer the red centers, because, no matter where it is, red draws your eye to it. By putting it in the center, it visually balances all the squares, while allowing variety in the "logs". Personally, (not that it's mine, LOL), I'd like to see the logs arranged for form a more complicated pattern, like light and dark pinwheels, or sunshine and shadows, etc. It gives you so much more to look at, and makes for a more interesting appearance. Kind of like an "eye-spy" quilt, in that it encourages you to look at it in so many different ways. I'd google "log cabin quilt" and see all the AMAZING varieties of color-placement. It's absolutely fascinating, the different looks you can get out of such a simple pattern.
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