Monday, June 12, 2006


Lots of Stuff!

first, one of 9 washrags I made - I didn't have an kitchen cotton around so I used Knit Picks shine for the first 3. Now that I've used some Sugar and Cream, I can feel how much softer the Shine is - I think the three I made with shine will be washcloths for faces!

This is the first progress of a wool (knitpicks wool of the andes) log cabin blanket. I love this technique. The only problem is that now I'm getting itchy to stop/quit this one and- try my hand at a hexagonal log cabin - or some other shape with more than 4 sides.

And this is my absorba (and my toes!). I'm really happy with it's squishy-ness. I made it for my boyfriend who doesn't have a bathmat. I used 6 strings held together (still size 15 needles) of sugar and cream - I used everybit of 12 balls (even some of the longer tails from my cast on - I needed those last few inches)- but the last two strips only had 5 garter ridges instead of 6. Also - knitting this is exhausting - my arms ached for a few days.

But I love the result. Totally worth it!

I love the washrag - I can't wait till my peaches and cream arrives.

I'm also creating a log cabin with the same colors - GMTA - I love how yours is turning out

i love your log cabin idea...shades of one color...i have been thinking about working on a log cabin but couldn't figure out what colors to use...this is inspiring! keep up the good work. the bathmat and washrags are beautiful as well!
All your work has turned out so beautifully!! I love the colors that you've chosen.
I hear ya on the bathmat! I've been doing just a few rows a day on mine. My arms/shoulders get very ouchy if I go longer than that! (I'm doing three strands of Peaches and Cream worsted on #13 needles) It's slow going, but the end result looks like it's totally worth it!
How many ounces were the balls of Sugar and Cream you used for the bathmat? Just curious about the 12 balls...
Tara - I just used the normal 70.9 gram (2.5 oz)balls.

I used 6 balls to start out - and then as each of them ran out (at different lengths btw), I tied on a new ball - each string was 2 balls long - 2x6=12. Hope this helps - let me know if you have any more questions!
When I made mine with 4 strands of Sugar'n Cream, I rewound two of the balls into just one ball and discovered that one color was about 1/2 yd longer than the other. When it came time to wind another 2-strand ball, I had the same result. I don't know if it's just my winding skills or an actual quirk with the yarn I purchased.

I like your bathmat! I made one for a friend and now I want one for myself.
I did my Absorba with the 3 strands of double worsted on 15s. And yes, it was pretty tiring: more like wrestling than knitting :). It's gorgeous though! I have a mini-absorba made from a single strand of the P&C on 7's for a matching wash cloth. My granchildren are here, but I'll try to post a picture soon.
I would use circular needles. I use them almost exclusively, even for washcloths.

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