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Greetings from UK

Hello everyone, greetings from Lincolnshire, UK.

Like everyone else, I love this book. I read it cover to cover when it arrived and then started to work out which project to do first. I did encounter one small problem - the recommended yarns don't seem to be readily available here, even from my usual online sources. If anyone else is posting from the UK and does know where I can get Peaches & Creme or Elmore-Pisgah - or good substitutes - please do say.

In the meantime I have been knitting with Rowan Handknit Cotton, which I have enjoyed using.

The first pic shows a couple of bibs, which were my first projects along with a burp cloth.

My close friends are all past the baby stage - looking forward to teenage delights - so I was a bit short of a baby to knit for. Then I discovered that the friend of a friend, who I only know slightly, was expecting. So she'll be receiving these - I think she'll be a bit surprised, but in a nice way I hope!

Next came a couple of washcloths. My DH has pounced on the first, so no pic of that one (although I was pleased he liked it so much). The second is shown with its accompanying piece of lavender soap and has gone to a friend who has just had an op.

Finally, I have just heard about a second cousin in Phoenix, who has just become a father for the first time. The baby is a girl, so this is for her, with I daresay more to follow when I get some more yarn!

I got the ruffle instructions from this blog - thanks to the poster who gave them - but decided I didn't want ruffled straps too.

The stripes owe more to my being a bit short of pink yarn than to any artistic talents, but I'm pleased with the result and hope the recipients will like it.

(I have just noticed that the buttons on the first two bibs are on the opposite side from this bib - I could have sworn I made all three exactly alike except for the ruffle....!)

Bye for now.

Oh your bibs and warshrags look great. What are the animals on your bibs? Iron on patches?
The bibs and washrags are lovely!
All of your FOs look really cute! Did you knit all of these in Rowan Handknit Cotton yarn?
I love the stripes! These bibs are just so easy & quick to make - I'm in Indiana & I'm finding most of the yarns on the Ombres which are nice, but I love the classic solid color look.
Darling - absolutely darling!
Beautiful. I haven't made a bib, but if they are reversible, you may just have sewn the button on the wrong side of the strap!
Thank you for all the lovely comments. It is really great to receive positive feedback from other knitters.

In answer to the questions: yes everything is Rowan Handknit Cotton, and the patches have been sewn on - would iron-on work on knitting? Just for future reference?
As for the incredible roaming buttonhole - I'm not bothered, just a bit surprised as I was so convinced that bib #3 had been done just like #1 & #2.
This is why I tend not to knit sweaters!
I'm glad you posted these! I've bought some Rowan (I'm in the UK also) to use for this but wasn't sure if I should double up the yarn or not. It doesn't look like you did.....
I'm also having trouble getting this yarn - I've ended up just buying cotton from www.texere.co.uk - really cheap and recommended by Ann & Kay in the back of their book - I'd love to get my hands on some of the two tone stuff, but I can only find solid colours in cotton - texere do have lots of 'dye your own' however, and the dye to do it - I may just be tempted!
I love the idea of the motifs on the bibs - they're lovely.
everything looks SO cute. good for you knitting like a maniac!
I'm in Lincolnshire too, and have been cranking out mitred squares in Rowan Handknit cotton. I don't think we have anything comparable to the peaches or sugar n cream over here - and the Rowan is a tad expensive for me willingly to use it to do the dishes with! It obviously gives great results, though, lovely lovely gifty things.
I'm in Lincolnshire too!(Horncastle).Where are you?
I have knitted the Nina shawl and a couple of dishcloths and started on a moss grid hand towel but like you I have been unable to find the correct yarns and have used Rowan or Debbie Bliss yarns.I intend to knit some bibs soon so was inspired by yours.
I'm newer to the blog and don't remember seeing anything about adding a ruffle. Can you tell me where those directions are?

These are beautiful! I love the sewn on animals.. it was such a nice touch!
UK friends -

I'm traveling to London in August. Can you recommend any yarn stores for me to visit?
Kara - I don't get to London much, but I have heard of a shop called Loop, 41 Cross Street, Islington, which also has an online store and looks good, online at least.
You might also be interested in IKnit London, a knitting group which meets every second Thursday. Email "iknitlondon at iknit dot org dot uk" (take out spaces, use normal symbols) for info & mailing list. They have a website too.

Dawn - no, I didn't use the yarn doubled. Rowan was mentioned in the book for bibs, so I just went for that for everything, just because it was all-cotton.

Lainey - will definitely have a look at texere, thanks.

Marie-France - Brigg. Which yarn are you using for the moss grid towel. I fancied doing one of those, but all-linen yarn seemed unavailable and I wasn't sure about a mixture of linen and something else.

April - the post about the ruffle is from Sat May 13, 6.43pm and was posted by bethc (thanks Beth). You can either go to the comments section and click on My Blog to get the details, or go straight to Beth's blog at bethc dot wordpress dot com
and click on Finished Objects.
Ha! It should of course say TTFN AFTER "and click on Finished Objects"!!
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