Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Hello and yet more warshcloths!

Hi all!

I'm pleased to be here! I really love the book... it's the first knitting book I've been so excited about for some time. I looked through it at the store on a day I didn't have any spending money, but loved it so much that I went back a few weeks later just to buy it.

I bought a bit of Peaches & Creme from ebay and some Sugar & Cream from Michael's craft store. Next time, I'll order the Peaches & Creme directly from Elmore-Pisgah, as their prices are a bit better than the Ebay seller (though her prices were definitely fair). I'm finding the two yarns to really be perfectly interchangeable, and I'm sure Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton would work equally well.

I think my family thinks I'm a little off my nut... OK, a little more off my nut than usual.

Anyway, here are my warshcloths:

I know, the photo's a bit dark. Sorry.

I have several more balls of cotton, and big plans to buy more. These are a perfect project: portable, inexpensive, fast, and it doesn't matter if I mess them up! That was crucial a couple weeks ago, when I had sinus surgery and spent the following week on Percoset... I needed something I could knit while doped up.

I've now started on a log cabin blanket, out of Blue Sky Cotton. I'm using four colors: toffee, stone, tomato, and fern. I'll post the first finished square soon!

Also, a former co-worker is having a baby, so I also get to knit the kimono and maybe some bibs soon. Hooray!

Oh MAN! Look at those Log Cabin Colours. Yum! You'll enjoy the finished project as much as the making.
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