Saturday, June 17, 2006


logs and warshcloths

I'm slightly obsessed with this book! Never before in my 10 years of knitting have I made so many patterns from one book. And I plan on making so many more from this book.

I'm making this log cabin for my soon-to-be new nephew. I wanted to do something a bit original and just make the colors very random, actually there is a bit of a method to it but it looks random. I put a pocket in the middle square so that I can put a little hand-knit bear there.

Gift washcloths Gift washcloths For a friend who is getting married this weekend, I made she and her partner washcloths, one is the Mason-Dixon washcloth, the other is a pinwheel. (Sorry for the non-MDK pattern reference.) I packaged the washcloths up with handmade soaps, an idea that I got from the book, it was perfect and well within my budget.

Baby Bibs After I finished the washcloths, I immediately started a baby bib. I'm making them for friends who are having babies this summer. They go much quicker than my standard gift of baby socks. It was really fun to figure out what designs to make.

Ball Band Dishcloths Then with the leftover yarn from the bibs and washcloths, I made a ball band dishcloth and have started another.

I am surprised how much fun I'm having with garter stitch. I've been neglecting so many of my other projects for these fun, quick projects.


Oh, I love the idea of the pocket. How wonderful!
I LOVE what you are doing with the colors on the bibs and the warshcloths! They look great!
Everything is lovely.
Great projects. I especially love the blanket. The colors are great, and the pocket idea is fabulous.
I especially like the plain white warshcloths. You've got great color sense!
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