Monday, June 19, 2006


Calamari Knitting

I made this rug from old T-Shirts, by cutting them into loops and attaching them into one long "yarn" like the book says. The loops were between 3/4" and 1" wide, and I used US size 35 needles.

T-Shirt Rug

All of the shirts were either stained, had a hole in them, or were failed tie dye experiments, so no useful T-Shirts were harmed in the making of this rug!

Very nice work! I bet you'll get a lot of visitors that comment. :)
Love the rug!
Wow!! Supercute rug. I think I need one now.
Great rug! I have my loops cut I jsut havent' found the time to join them.

About how many t-shirts did you use?
I love the rug!!! I would also like to know how many you used. We have t-shirts coming out our ears here!!!
Thank you for the post! I just joined the KAL so that I could ask everyone what needle size they were using with their calamari knitting. I am using 15's- way too small! Next rug I'll use the big ones. Your rug is darling! I'm inspired to keep going with mine. Great work!
I don't know how many T-shirts I used, probably around 25, but a lot of them were children's sizes.

It's not a huge rug, you can see it compared to my regular sized front door here. I still have some loops left over, and I could have made it larger, but I wanted to complete it while my family was out so I could surprise them with it!
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