Monday, June 19, 2006


Finished Projects!!!!!

I finally finished my Nina Shawl. It is actually one of the few things I have made and kept for myself. It is so soft and warm.

I also made a Kimono, hat and booties for my cousin's baby. Hubby was a little nervous about how much I enjoyed knitting wee baby things. So I am living vicariously through my cousin.

Warshrags here I come!!!!

That stuff is so cute! Seeing me knit baby stuff makes my husband very nervous, too...
It makes mine nervous, too... and my tubes are tied! Where does he think I'm going to acquire a new baby?!? Hehehe... silly men!
Your shawl is lovely. :)
Maybe I should start knitting a string bikini next ;)
Please post a picture of you wearing the shawl. I would love to see how it is supposed to be worn.
Love the shawl and the kimono set!
I love the colors you chose for the shawl!
LOL - lyssa! It makes my boyfriend crazy, too, especially since no one we know is exepecting a baby... The shawl is lovely, Jenno!
I'd like to try a kimono (yours looks excellent), but the baby in question will be well past newborn by the time I do, and I'm not at all confident about sizing the pattern upwards. Does anyone have any detailed instructions? Say for 6 months-ish?
Thanks in advance.
lol Jenny - I have just finished four of those little kimonos for my cousin too! So easy to do. Now if I could just figure out how in Sam hill to post the picture here i would be set!

Yours look great and I love the shawl
Everything is stunning! I love the shawl. Beautiful.
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