Monday, June 19, 2006


Snapping yarn

I've read on this blog of 2 other people reporting their Crystal Palace Cotton Chenile snapped. I was working on the round MD dish cloth and just finished a bobble and suddenly I heard a "pop" and sure enough it snapped in two. I wasn't knitting tight and was having no difficulty with the bobble. The chenile is soft and felt promising as I knit it but I'm reluctant to use this yarn again. Any good alternatives? I have lots left over but I'm not sure if I have enough to start over and finish a dishcloth with it. When I made one out of regular cotton yarn I noticed it used up a lot of yarn. Has anyone completed a chenile dishcloth who could say how much yarn was left?

Yeah, mine broke too. I was sad.
I can tell you exactly how much yarn I had left, as I keep very detailed project notes:

White Chenille Washcloth, 12/27/2003

1 skein - Crystal Palace:
Cotton Chenille (50 g/98 yards), #1058 white -- Skein actually weighed 45 g

Needles: US Size 10

Company Dishcloth, knit on the diagonal

Finished size
About 11 in square

Leftover yarn
11 g

Approximate cost
$4.70 - $5.25
$6.95/skein – did not use whole skein.

Gauge 5 st = 2 in

PS: Lion chenille is much worse. I made a hat and scarf that started worming after TWO wears.
I made one washcloth out of Crystal Palace on the diagonal also. Could have gotten another one out of the ball easily. It was so soft! But because of that dreaded sound, I choose not to use it, pretty as it may be.
I have a Reverse-Bloom washcloth on needles right now (and for the past several months), and I just can't make myself go back to it because I can't stand the way the yarn knits. It drives me nuts the way it twists and has no give. I love the look of it, but grrrr... I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with it!
I agree with everyone else. My Cotton Chenille snapped, and I was stunned! Especially because I had been struggling so much to figure out those bobbles! I am now attempting the pattern with Fantasy Naturale. Of coure, no comparison to the feel of the chenille, but it doesn't "pain" me to use it!
I hate this yarn. I don't like the way that it knits, and worse of all is the fact that it breaks every few rows...
I have to say that I love the feel of the skein and the feel of the knitted fabric, but it's so difficult to knit with.
Gee, thanks everyone for the heads-up! I'll know not to try this yarn. It's so nice to have info like this so that I won't have to wrestle with hard to knit yarn. Life's just too short!
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