Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hooked on MDK

I just can't stop saying nice things about this book. Out of all the knitting books I own, this is the one that I'll probably knit out of the most. I have an incredible urge to blanket everyone I know, to knit them all Warshrags, to gift bathmats and cute little rugs to all of my friends.

I've been busy cranking out Warshrag after Washrag, but have also jumped on the Log Cabin Bandwagon, using's Sonata. I'm hoping to get this finished up in time for a friend's birthday in August. One "L" will be all blues, the other all greens with a teal for the center patch and for the border. It's coming along slowly.

I've also started the Nina Shawl using Dale of Norway Svale. This was my first attempt at fair isle knitting and I was surprised at how easy it was. I can't wait to finish this one up either!

I love the Nina shawl, too and can't wait to start one. Yours is beautiful.
You are certainly a busy bee. So many projects and big one's too. Nice work!
I made a log cabin using dishcloth cotton, and now I'm working on one with Sonata, too. This one is going to be smaller sqares sewed together, though. I'm addicted to the MDK book, too!
I think the book is approachable and packed with really fun projects. I love your Nina Shawl colorway: It is super-pretty!
That Nina Shawl is to die for - nice job!
Nina shawl is on my list! someone told me that Svale is very heavy,,is that true?
it felt SO soft in the yarn shop!
blessings to one and all,,,
what size needle are you using with the sonata? my garter stitch with size 6 was too loose for my taste, and the next size down that i own is a 3, which may be too tight, we'll see. glad to see someone else is using that yarn for this project and likes it!
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