Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Log Cabin still growing

Here is photo of my log cabin blankie. The "logs" are getting longer and the knitting is getting slower. I'm planning on doing 6 more rounds of color. I want it to be a good size blanket. That's my daughters arm and leg in the corner of the photo. She can't stop touching the blanket.

So pretty!! What size is it now? I'm working on a baby blanket, and it's roughly 20" by 20" right now, I'm thinking I'm going to have to go at least 40" by 40".
I LOVE IT! So cheery - it makes me happy just looking at the picture. No wonder your daughter can't stop touching it. Good job!
Antoinette, you asked about the size...the blanket is about 28 inches by 26 inches.
I love the colors you've chosen! So pretty!
The colors are great! What kind of yarn did you use?
goldendomer, you asked about the yarn... I'm just using Sugar 'n Cream yarn.
Wow wonderful blanket where did you find suck wonderful colors in SnC yarn?
One more thing any ideas on the amounts of yarn it will take to make it?
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