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Hi, everyone. I just joined as well. I have made three ball-band washcloths and one baby kimono, but I won't post that picture until I get the ribbon sewn on (I'm planning to make a matching hat or bonnet that would use the same to recommendations of a bonnet that would look okay knit with the same yarn and that uses ribbon). But here's my first warshcloth:

I *love* the pattern, but thought it made too large of a washcloth, so I cut back by one pattern repeat L to R and dropped one repeat bottom to top! This is (of course) an inverse set. I love the idea of making a few sets of these to have on hand for hostess gifts!

I've had so much fun watching what each of you have made and am looking forward to making more stuff!


I agree these washcloths make great hostess gifts.
These are only "too large" until they are washed the first time. THe first one I made, I stopped at about 9 patterns (I think). After I washed it, I ended up pulling out the "bind off", and adding on the 3 patterns that I omitted. Washed it again, and it was JUST RIGHT! From now on, these are not completed (for me) until they are washed once!
What colors did you use for the top one? The white-ish ombre looks so soft and yummy!
I did wash the top one and it DID shrink a lot, but not terribly so... I think next set I'll still skip the L to R repeat but only half of the top/bottom repeat...

The yarn on the top is sugar n cream color 00130 (variegated pink, blue, green and white) and the outside was a lion cotton blue (lost the band...)

With the double set on the bottom, I was really expecting to like the bottom one better (variegated inside) but ended up liking the top one better (variegated outside)--probably because I think variegated yarn works better on stockinette than garter... IMHO ;)
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