Thursday, June 22, 2006


Finished Log Cabin!

More info and pics are to be found on my blog. Glad it's done.

What a beautiful representation of lights and darks! Congratulations on finishing it! It really is gorgeous!
Ooohh! I like the contrast that you used. Very creative.
Wicked............I love it!!
Wow, it is stunning.
It is SO striking! really neat...
That is a great blanket- love the black contrast.
Very striking. Love it!
Fabulous! I love your colors.
That looks wonderful!!! I love the contrast and mirrored effect!
That is a beautiful blanket. I am inspired!
Absolutely beautiful. It is so much fun seeing everyone's individual interpretations.
Oh man! Now I have to make one! Simply beautiful! Great job!


Freakin' WOW!
That is absolutely gorgeous. Excellent color choices!!
I LOVE IT. Contrastilicious! xox Kay
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