Friday, June 23, 2006



Just finished these guys this morning . . . Always seems to take me forever to get the buttons on things.

Definately squooshy.


Now, that's a great photo. Looks like art with the bibs arranged on the old wood like that. I could see just framing a nice enlargement of that picture to hang on the wall.

Nice bibs, too. :)
Adorable! I made my first one last week and planning many more.
I may be hooked on baby things. I made a sweater last week, too, and I found myself stopping every few rows to hold up the project and gush, "Oooo, isn't that just adorable."
Luckily, I have fertile friends and relatives......
Haha . . . that "old wood" is lamentably my termite-ridden deck.
I agree- beautiful presentation! I'm off to bib it as well, but right now I'm in the throes of a warshrag addiction.
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