Sunday, June 25, 2006


Felted Log Cabin

I have some Burlyspun and Lamb's Pride bulky. I'm thinking of a log cabin felted bag. Has anyone done this before?

PS Used my warshcloth this afternoon to clean up after making strawberry jam!

I hadn't thought of it, but I'm so anxious to see it done! Great idea!
No, but it sounds like a cool idea! Be sure to make the stripes much wider than you want the end result to be...
Sounds like a great idea -- let us know how it works out!
I have used Lamb's Pride for felted slippers and it felts great. Will be very heavy and dense, more like a rug.
Interesting idea! I'd be a little worried about it felting evenly, though, since felting makes it shrink more vertically than it does horizontally, and your knitting will be changing direction... You can probably minimize the problems with planning and hand-felting, though, and it may result in a cool effect....
I've knit 2 squares to felt as a bag. I'm making a gusset now, and will use plastic handles. I used Kool-Aid dyes yarn in 9 different colors.
I'll be posting my pics in a moment, but I did the felted nesting boxes and used the leftovers to do a felted log cabin square. I was worried that it would felt weirdly b/c it was knitted in different directions, but it came out really well.
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