Saturday, June 24, 2006


Log cabin decisions

I'm going with four colors (mainly cuz I have a LOT of these four colors - must deplete stash before hubby kills me) and came up with these two designs. I like the uniformity of #1 (but it could be a little blah) and the randomness of #2 (but it almost looks like a flashing light). What do ya'll think?

I can't see the designs; could you possibly lighten the pictures some?
I like #1 best. :)
My quilting eyes prefer the action of #2. It keeps your eyes moving across the piece and adds interest.
I agree with dharmafey. #2 is more visually interesting and unique.
I think version 2 looks great.
I'm an orderly type... the first one looks nicer to me :)
I vote with the other quilters - #2 has more life. When I would put together blocks for a cloth quilt, I always put in a bit of a different color so as to pop the others. You can do the same thing using your four colors by what you did in #2. It sings.
I like both, but for different reasons. #2 has lots of visual interest in it. #1 is lovely too, but would you be able to knit the same squares over and over? That might help you decide. : )
My quilting eyes prefer #2 as well!
I prefer #1! If you want to mix it up a bit, you can reverse the "L"s in every other row. The design is much more interesting than #2 in my opinion, and I am not a quilter.
I like 2 best. Would you tell me what software you used to outline your designs? I've noticed quite a few people have designed their log cabins this way and I would love to be able to do the same. Thanks
Thanks for the input! The more I look at each, the more I like #2. I'm gonna start tonight!

I'm using Adobe InDesign but you could do it with Illustrator or probably even Word, if you had the patience.

Thanks again and I'll post updates.
I'm sure either will be beautiful, but personally, I'd go with 2.
I'm another orderly person and like #1 best.
I like #1 best. Don't like that middle square in #2 = the red outline looks out of whack against the rest of the squares. I think I'd like #2 better if that middle square were different.
Another former quilter for #2.
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