Sunday, June 25, 2006


Just to Enable...

Just thought I'd pass along the info that Sugar & Cream is $0.99 this week at Hobby Lobby. You can view their ad online @ HobbyLobby . Enjoy!


Funny, I have a whole drawer full of Sugar & Cream, and yet I'm contemplating when I can sqeeze a minute in tomorrow to get to Hobby Lobby!
You beat me to it, amy! LOL I was all excited about posting this but couldn't get here yesterday after I saw the Kathy I feel the wholly unnecessary need to stock up. hehe!
Thanks so much for the tip! I stocked up and now I have to figure out how to sneak 2 bags of cotton yarn into the house without causing the husband to freak out! Ha Ha.
RATS! I just drove to HL Saturday, and it's a two hour drive for me! Last week's sale ad emptied MY pocketbook! PLUS I bought about two dozen skeins of the sugar n cream! RATS RATS RATS! Now if someone would smarten up and build an HL in my town, or at least a bit closer! (but then, I would be flat broke ALL the time!) The cotton yarn is what I use the most...esp during the warm months. Thanks for the sale tip!
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