Saturday, June 24, 2006


Bib Bib Bibbing

Hello - it's my first post, though I've been doing some warshclothing for a while. I've just also finished a bib, and have started a burp-cloth, as you can see here. The log cabin blankie is still in the planning stages and the delicious peignoir will have to await that distant day when I can allow myself to buy some new yarn...sigh. Anyway, am loving all your posts, and the variety of interpretations shown here. My bib, as you can see, is very stripey, and I didn't bother weaving in the ends, preferring to consider it a kid-friendly design element. More details and a picture with slightly better colors on my blog. Am thinking of a bit red plastic button for the bib.

Very adorable. I love the way the knots are cute little fringe elements. I can just picture a little one playing with them! Nice touch!
Now I know what to do with all of my random bits of dishcloth cotton. What a great idea!
Cute stripey bib!
This is so creative!! It is so bright and cheerful.
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