Monday, June 26, 2006


Can You Spare a Square?

In the Mason-Dixon tradition of knitting for the common good my knitting group, the Knitty Biddies, are making children's blankets for my church's fall mission trip to the Ukraine. I thought it might be fun to collect squares from my online circle to add to the effort. If you are interested in donating a square or two visit my blog for all the information. We are going to have a fabulous doorprize: a yarn kit for a log cabin blankie similar to the one I just completed. Thanks so much! Posted by Picasa

How spooky (as my sister and I say when one is thinking about something and then the other one calls and says the same thing)
I just finished reading the entire book yesterday and was wondering if there was going to be another blanket knitting project. I will try and make a mitered square...can't be a true knitter unless you have multiple projects going....correct?
What kind of yarn or what kind of colors have you used? Are you looking to match any particular yarn or color scheme? I would love to help.
I would love to help.

*hops* over to spooky's blog for the specs.
Hey, I got the Seinfeld reference, and your squares are great!
Any washable yarn you have in your stash will be great. We're thinking bright cheerful colors. Thanks so much for the interest in our project!!!
SEINFELD!! I love that episode!
The squares look great, and what a wonderful idea!
Step #1 completed...I have purchased the yarn; bright green and bright blue.
Step #2...finish current project so I can begin my squares.
I'll keep you updated.
Yay! I wanted to try a mitered square, but didn't want to commit to a full blanket. So this project is perfect! I have cotton-ease to use, too. :)
I LOVE you colour combos!!!!!
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