Tuesday, June 27, 2006


First Post!

Been lurking here since I bought the book. This is my first fo to share though. I've made a bunch of dishclothes (I'm sure there's something addicting in that pattern) and given them away before I even got a picture. Lately, I've been knitting for twins. My sister's coworker is having boy/girl twins. What fun!

Baby Genius burp clothes. The consensus at the shower was to NOT let them spit up on these! Too funny.

His and hers bibs. Oops! The pink one is on the wrong side in the picture

2 sleeveless baby kimonos. We live in Florida, where it's likely to be darn hot for awhile after these 2 are born.

A log cabin washrag. Not for the twins. My neice claimed it!

Love seeing all your projects from the book! Posted by Picasa

love all of your FO's!!!
especially the log cabin cloth...
love the color combo--might have to do one myself...
These are great! My favorites, though, are the burp cloths. Those stripes . . .
I love the baby sets. My MIL coworker daughter is having twins and once she sees katie bib I think I be making some for them
I love the items for the twins. Those burp cloths look so clever! I never would have thought to make them that way!
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