Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Towel using crochet thread

Hello everyone, I mentioned in a post about my first Mason Dixon projects that I was attempting the moss grid hand towel with crochet thread (there's a photo of the work-in-progress, in spring green, below). I was asked what size crochet thread I'm using, and though I posted a response in the comments section of the original post, I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention again.

I'm using a size 3 crochet thread in 100% mercerized cotton - Royale Fashion Crochet Thread - on US5 needles. There are 150 yards to a spool, cost is only about 2 bucks a spool, and the stuff comes in several different colors; I also bought it in ivory for the bubbly curtain (future project) and in a deep royal blue just for the heck of it :o)

How does the material feel? Well, it'll never feel like, for example, Joseph Galler's Pashmina (which, after all, is cashmere, with the price to match), but it's pretty soft and drapey. The thread is so fine that it's kind of slow going, but I think the results will be worth the effort. My mother has already raved over what she's seen of the towel so far, and subsequently claimed it for the guest bathroom.

:o) j

I'm the lady that knittted the curtains using the crochet thread and just finised up the third and last curtain. I jut love the idea of the handtowel using the crochet and have been standing in front of the colors wondering what I could knit using them. So glad you thought of the handtowel. Can't wait to see a picture of the completed one and info on how it worked for you.
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