Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Newbie here with a few KO'snad WIPS's

I am new to this KAL but I have been enjoying everyones posts and ideas. My friend showed my the book last wed the 21st, and by the next day I had a bib done and the log cabin started. Of course I finally bought the book then on the 25th after doing two bib and still working on the log cabin. For the log cabin pattern I had remember the numbers 20, 24, and 9 -- what I forgot is that they were counting ridges and not rows (well no wonder I was having problems.) Since I bought the book I have started the ballband washcloth(2 of them - one is a row from being done) and I am planning the modern baby log cabin with left over yarn from some outfits I made for my daughter. I LOVE the patterns because they are easy enough to do while I am watching my 3 1/2 month old!! Pictured below are my second ballband (the colors look better in person and I am reknitting from something I didn't like), the log cabin being REKNITTED because of the brain fart, and my second baby bib doing it the long strap way and my adorable model Katie.

I love the way the yarn colors up (is that the right way to say it? LOL) in the baby bib! And your angel is adorable :)
absolutely the cutest model !!!

btw, did you notice that the colorway formed a bunny, or is it a a kitten, in the center of the bib?
The baby + the bib= ADORABLE!
What a cute baby.. and the bib isn't too bad either! :-)

Seriously, you've picked some great colors and everything looks so festive. I bet the bib was fun to knit in that color. It's always a surprise as to what comes up next!
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