Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Log Cabin question

I just got my book yesterday, and I want to do the Log Cabin blanket, but I'm stuck. My middle square is knitted, but now I'm not sure if I'm supposed to pick up the stitches in that color, or start the next color. It seems like I should start the next one, but then what do I do with that loop hanging there from the first color? Won't it stick out if I have a loop there that doesn't match the others? Thanks for your help!

You need to start the next color. I've used the loop as my first sts and it didn't stick out, but you can bind it of if you want and start totally fresh. Don't foget to bind of loosly, it'll be easier to pick up (but not TOO loose).
I have just knit the two together at the end of row 2 and the old colour gets hidden.
Keep the loop on your needle as your first picked-up stitch. Remember that you're actually going to lift up the single piece of yarn in between the garter ridges, and pick your new yarn up there. (On the rest of your "logs" your last stitch will be picked up at the very end, not in a garter ridge, but in the last knit stitch.) This gave me the neatest look, without a "pulled" look.
i BO my first color until 1 st remains on each needle, then join my second color, k1, bo1, and my last remaining loop is in the second color. then i start picking up with it.
Thanks for all the tips! I think I've got it figured out now.
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