Wednesday, June 28, 2006



I am sorry all, but I need to VENT big time....I cannot seem to finish my current project (so that I may start on the mitered square blanket project) as I keep running out of yarn. This is not a MDK project, so I won't post a picture. This is the beach bag from (you know where). I have followed the pattern from the yarn store exactly...yet I had to make 2 yarn runs today...buying an additional 3 skeins of yarn and I have to go back again tomorrow for 1 more skein to be able to finish. uuugggghhhh.

I don't know where is this pattern from and would love to know so I don't wind up having this problem! I sympathize with you completely! What a pain! --Sally
THREE trips for extra yarn?! That's way too much knitting time wasted.
Pattern is from my local yarn store (the lady there made it up...i guess). so unless you live in Troy, MI, you are safe from this demon beach bag. and YES, 3 trips is wasted knitting time. I am making the final trip today and I am finishing this bag if it kills me....must...knit...mitered...squares... :)
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