Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Still Life on White Laminate

I am wondering what else I need to do to make this photo less interesting, and I'm coming up with: not much. All the artfully arranged photos of the beautiful FOs people are posting is so wonderful and inspiring (special mention to the lime green and orange warshcloth post below), but for me, taking a picture is akin to my morning hygiene routine: five minutes to soap up, rinse off, get dressed, and let my hair dry in the whirlwind of my day. However plainly featured, you can all see this is an interpretation of the MD bib. This particular project was knit with some Blue Sky cotton leftovers I had laying around the house (which I do not recommend as a first choice for this project since you will NEVAH find it for 99 cents a skein) and embellished with some knitted flowers ala Nicky Epstein. If anyone wants particulars (colors, gauge. etc.), let me know.

The flowers are great, as are the colors. Nice JOB!

Holy cow, I LOVE IT!!! Great job! :)
Who needs a fancy photo when you have a bib like that!Gorgeous! That is too adorable to have food spilled on it...
SO cute!
That is Adorable!!!
love this. how did you join the colors after the seed stitch border? how did you make it 'attach' to the border?
After the seed stitch rows, I turned the work, knitted seed stitch for three stitches, dropped that color, and then knit in the new color. Then, for the left side border, I dropped the new color, and started another ball of the border color. I carried that ball up to the top. Tres simple!
Almost forgot, thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!
You did a beautiful job. Very cute! The flowers add a lot to it. Don't you want to frame it?
Love it!

How long did you make the strap? I just finished one and I made the single strap but it seemed short to me...
Gosh, I didn't measure it before I sent it off. About 10 inches, I think. I put it on my toddler son, and when it fit him I stopped. LOL I made three buttonholes to allow for adjustments (and growth!).
Oh my gosh-- you cannot let a baby spit up on that! That is too cute! It must be displyaed or otherwise given to the spitless baby! Good yob!
What flower pattern did you use?
That bib is great makes me want to make one.
May I have the pattern for this bib it is very pretty. TIA
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