Thursday, June 29, 2006


Bibs given away

Gave away my very first baby bibs today to my friend that also cuts my hair. Everyone at the salon was coming over to check out the bibs and loved them. My friend was so happy she teared up and told "they are to pretty to use. I'm going to have to hang them on the wall in the nursery" and hugged me four times. I must have heard "you made these?!" about 12 times. What fun it was to give them away.

The other photo is of my two day old Absorba project. Can hardly believe just how fast this bath mat knits up. Using 4 balls of Sugar N Creme in the worsted weight. Just couldn't wait to order the double worsted!


I've always loved the pink-green color combo, those bibs look cute! The bathmat's looking good as well... How many strands are you knitting together, and on what size needle? Looking forward to seeing the final product! :o)
I haven't thought that many of these finished bibs look particularly attractive - 'til I saw yours! I love the color combinations - makes a dynamic gift as a set! Thanks for the pictures!
MsJuneBug: love that nickname! I'm using 4 strands of the regular worsted Sugar N Creme (2 of Ecru, 1 soft Ecru and 1 Tan colored) with size 13 needle. Knitting up super fast. I'm almost finished with it.

Anne Margaret: Oh, thank you so much! My friend went nuts when she saw the bibs.
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