Saturday, July 01, 2006


My Stash

I finally made it to Hobby Lobby for the sale on SnC, I got a lot of great colors! I was so happy when I got home and I was adding it to my stash but then it occurred to me - I might have a problem! I think I've become addicted to Mason Dixon knitting! I'm planning washcloths and linen hand towels for everyone I know, baby bibs for people who are practically strangers because I don't know anyone who's expecting, I check the KAL blog everyday and take notes about the yarns I'll probably want to use when I finally start a blanket and I'll probably do all of them. So what else could I do but run the to computer to see what my fellow addicts where up to? Lisa inspired me to so here's a pic of my cotton stash. It includes PnC, SnC as well as some Lion Brand Cotton.

Currently on the needles: washcloths (of course!), linen hand towel, absorba bath mat.

Happy Knitting! Bobbi

It's got to be a sign of addiction when you start matching up colors from a picture of someone else's stash. Pretty yarn!
Ok Michelle, now I don't feel so bad. As I was looking at the picture I was thinking " got it, got it, need it, ooh they make that color too???, got it , got it, need it" HA!
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I will admit that I too hit the Hobby Lobby sale this week. I got enough yarn to do two baby kimonos and a trillion bib and burp cloth sets. It's like I was possessed! I think in total I ended up with 19 balls of Sugar and Creme! I'm hopelessly addicted to Mason Dixon Knitting!
I'm so sad....there's not a Hobby Lobby near me. Between Joann's, Michaels, and Mary Maxim I did stock up on enough SnC to get me through the summer.
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