Saturday, July 01, 2006


BallBand embryos

While out on our search for sweet corn today, mom and I stopped by the local quilt store. It's in an old barn that's been converted into a store. It's run by a delightful Mennonite women who always entertains my husband trying to teach him Pennsylvania Dutch while I'm off browsing. The main floor is stuffed with quilting calicos and many designer fabrics as well (Debbie Mumm, Aunt Grace, etc). I think Kay would love it, what with her new quilting passion and all. Upstairs is every country knick-knack you can imagine plus a small selection of yarn. Mostly Red Heart and TLC. They've always had a small selection of Sugar 'n Cream as well. While mom scoped out the quilt fabrics, I went upstairs to try my luck at yarn. To my complete delight, I found they now carry just about every color of SnC!! Perhaps all, I didn't count. Found ALL the colors I was looking for and then some.
Settled on just these 6 and another pair of needles. Can't wait to get started on these new color combinations.

On the way to the car mom says, real casual like, "Your sister did tell you that those washcloths would make great Christmas gifts, right?" I just smiled and nodded. The pinks were already intended for Renee and the red for mom.
I can take a hint.


Hey- a fellow Pennsylvanian!! Have you been to the Flower and Craft Warehouse in Lancaster??? (About 45 min East of me)It's been awhile but I'm thinking of edging that way to see what else I can cram into the cupboard that houses my stash!!!
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