Monday, July 03, 2006


Log Cabin started!

I went a little crazy this weekend at a sale at a not so local yarn store. There was a crazy Debbie Bliss sale of Merino Chunky for $3 a ball! So - what else to do to - but buy a ton of it and make a log cabin quilt!

I quickly scooped out the colors I wanted and ended up with about 80 balls or some really fantastic and bright colors. I knit up two squares so far - but I only have a picture of the first one in progress - along with my loot!

Yeah for log cabins!


Love those sales!!! Looks like a great start!
Great colors, Jody. Can't wait to see how this grows! --Sally
80 balls!! You win. Love the colors!
WOW! I'd be jealous if I didn't score some yarn myself this weekend. I can't wait to see how your blanket turns out. The colors are beautiful!
Holy cow! 80 balls? Great sale and your log cabin is looking good. Can't wait to see it further along.
Green with envy and drooling over your stash...Excuse the drool! Seriously tho: Looks like a great project and can't wait to see the results!
Oh my goodness...I thought I love a bargain! You should be busy for quite a while. The blanket should turn out just beautiful.
WOW. That is my own little version of heaven. Care to share where this not so local yarn shop is:):):)
I caught you! Can't wait to see your Log Cabin.

The not- so -local yarn shop is Fiberworks
17830 New Hampshire Ave
The Alloway Building -
Suite 101
Ashton MD 20861-3641

They had a great sale!

Ooops! I've been caught by my secret pal - oh no!! Hi Christi!
holy crap! that's awesome! :D *jealous*
I love that yarn!
I love that yarn!! what an awesome score!!!
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