Monday, July 03, 2006


~ Log Cabin Question?~

I want to knit the log cabin blanket.

I have a few questions I am in the summer of stash so I cannot buy any yarn for a bit longer I would love to use something I had anyways but I don't think that I have enough colors in anything in my stash. After my no yarn buying time is up I am thinking that I will buy some yarn for this but not to sure what to buy since cotton classics is not what you would call cheap!

Any sueestions on a cheaper yarn to use that would hold up well and still feel pretty nice to snuggle up with?

Also what length needle will I need once I get to the longer sides? I plan to use circular needles but knit straight.


Last question where is everyone getting there EuroFlax yarn from it seems to be hard to find latley?

I'm using Bernat Cotton Tots for my mitered squares. The colors are bright and sort of babyish, but I think if I balance it out with a lot of white and beige it will be fine. I can get 6 or 7 mitered squares from one skein, or maybe more. I'm still working with the original skeins I bought and I have about 15 squares and plenty of yarn left.
I'm using knitpicks shine, ( Very soft, but not a whole lot of color options.
a couple of us (at least!) are using Sonata. It's a mercerized cotton that's fairly similar to tahki CC in gauge and yardage, comes in tons of colors, and costs $2/ball. word on the street is that you should swatch, wash, and dry it before getting into your log cabin. midnight purl says it plumps up a bit.

good luck! i'll be posting about mine on my blog, maybe on here if i can get into the knitalong!
Me too on the Sonata from Just be careful when you go to that site! It's, um, addictive.
I'm making a Courthouse Steps blanket from MDK but couldn't shell out that much $$$ for the Rowan Denim yarn. I checked into Elann's Denim yarn but it would have been upwards of $80. Eventually I settled on Lion Brand Cotton. Very very limited colors if you want to do a log cabin, but for the Courthouse Steps the colors work well and it is much softer than a kitchen cotton. I'll post a photo here soon, as well as on my blog as I'm about a third of the way into it.
I'm in England and I ordered Euroflax from purl soho. Great service and fast shipping as well as beautiful packaging. Try them!
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