Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Keeping one for myself

I've been knitting warshcloths and giving them away too quickly... so I finally decided to make one for myself. I can't wait to use it. I'm also learning happy new things about my camera, including close-ups and video making. It's the little things making this a happy 4th.

ED: Yarn is Peaches and Cream Gumdrop. Posted by Picasa

What a great photo! I still haven't figured out the close up function on our camera. Guess it is time to read the manual!
What colorway is the variegated? And is it S&c or P&C or something else? (I want one, can you tell? :) )
weird question....what kind of camera do you have? i'm shopping for a new digital that can take great close-ups like this (for my knitting, of course!)....mind sharing?
knottieknitter@hotmail.com if you want to email me directly.
We have a Canon PowerShot A 95. When our first Canon died after having been dropped too many times, we got a very similar replacement.

A few downsides... takes 4AA batteries (we use rechargeable) but this makes it VERY heavy.

The up-close ability is on the back of the camera. Top of the circle lets you turn on/off the flash. The bottom has a little flower on it marked MF. When I press that, the camera can then shoot close-up pics.

Another thing to look for, the newer cameras are coming with smaller and smaller chips. My mom was replacing hers and it was so small she kept dropping it and finally lost it for good. The Canons we've had both had a good-sized chip, easy to handle.

Hope that helps!
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