Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It's All About the Bath!

I had a great time making and assembling these hostess gifts. I used the ball band dishcloth pattern and the burpcloth pattern.

I am working on Absorba with some modifications. I am using three strands of WW P&C on 11 1/2 needles. I did not want the mat to be too absorbent for fear of it never drying out in our humid climate! It is still plenty cushy!

On the tailgate bath mat I substituted Debbie Bliss cotton denim aran foor the rag ball. I am not thrilled with the seaming but it is a very comfy mat. I am going to try it again with some toile strips that I made. Pics later. Happy Knitting and thanks for sharing all of your lovely work! Posted by Picasa

Very nice presentation on the "warshrag" gifts but could it be that there are any pics that show them "flat out"?
I love the bath mat with the blue. Toile? That sounds very interesting. Let us see your results!
Thos all look really great! Enjoy. I know your hostess gifts will be appreciated!
The mats both look great, I've been thinking of a thinner one also, so glad to know it worked out.
I love the simplicity of the blue and white. It looks like bathroom floor tiles. Toile will be great too!
thanks for the nice comments. Jeri, don't have any pics of them flat. One has already been gifted...i will try to post pix of the others:)
That's a great idea using the washcloths and soap as hostess gifts. Yours are very nicely wrapped.

And your bathmat is very pretty too.
Your mat looks so fresh and inviting. What lovely work you did!

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