Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Jumping on the Ballband-wagon

Hi all!
I just joined the KAL last week and finally have a chance to post and say hi! I've been lurking admiring everyone's work for some time, so I thought I may as well join in on the fun. :)

I have to admit, when I first heard about the book, I wasn't too enthused, but after seeing everyone's wonderful projects, I gave it a second chance and I'm hooked! So far I've only made 4 washrags (2 ballband and 2 MD), but I can see many more projects in the future...definitely an Absorba to match the puppy-chewed bathmat in the bathroom, a few more ballbands modified to be kitchen towels, maybe another Absorba for the kitchen sink, and definitely some log cabin blankets! My house will be Mason-Dixonified before you know it!

Here are the two ballband cloths I've made...the first of many of course

love 'em. Want to make some now!
everything looks wonderful and i agree with whole world will soon be consumed by this book!

now a question...has the red on the washcloth faded at all on to the white? i was wondering how colorfast the cotton was. thanks!
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