Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Wee Hoo! I'm done!

Ball-Band Dishtowel.....Why did this take me so long?? All my other dishtowels look so sad and dingy in comparison. If I had the time, I'd make a beach towel!

I like these 2 colors together so much I using my leftover yarn ( Sugar 'N Cream) to knit a striped, stuffed snake.

Keep the projects coming!

I like the longer size of your dishcloth. Good idea that I plan on using.
I like the longer size too. So cute and summery!
How long is the towel in inches? Did you just knit until you ran out of yarn?
how does it work as a dishtowel? Absorbent enough?

coooool idea!
You knit a stuffed snake and didn't post a picture??? I wanna see!
thx for the comments! The towel is about 16 inches, and I have tons of yarn left. I got the Super size balls. It's extremely absorbent and really just a perfect towel.

I just started the dishcloth-cotton snake, but I'll post a pic when it looks like something!
I made a towel before, too, and have been using it for weeks. It's great! I've washed it a couple times, so it's already starting to acquire just a little bit of vintage-looking fade. It's soft, absorbent, and my husband loves it, too, on purely utilitarian grounds. Mine's much less consistent in color, though, and therefore less pretty! There's a picture on my blog:

Can't wait to see your snake!
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