Thursday, July 06, 2006


log cabin with lace

My first post! I've been working away on a log cabin blanket for my best friend who just got married. Using Sonata - a great yarn! I decided that since I only have three shades each of pink and brown, I would break up the striping with a few green strips and some lace. The idea here with the colors is a rose garden. Does that come through? I hope so. You can click the photo for more views.

I've also, of course, done a few ballband dishcloths and a b.g.b.c. or two. I can't get to any craft stores easily so my supply of dishcloth cotton is limited and precious.

Thanks Kay and Ann for such a beautiful book. I'd put it out on my coffee table, but I don't want anyone to mess it up!

hot coals only

It looks great, I love the mixed in rows.
seriously, that is gorgeous! it's a beautiful take on the traditional crayola colors of the log cabin quilts :)
I love this! I love the way the lace is breaking up the montony!
Looks great! I'm curious about the sonata. I'm planning to make a baby blanket (log cabin) for an expecting relative, and was thinking that the sonata would be a good option. Anything you can tell me about how it is to work, or more importantly, ease of care would be great!

Your's looks lovely! The lace is a wonderful touch.
I think the lace is a great idea!
Great idea! The colors look lovely together, very rose-garden-ish.
yes, i definitely think the rose garden idea is coming thru--that is exactly what i was thinking of doing for my log cabin blanket as well! maybe i'll try doing a woodsier version with 4-5 shades of green, brown, and dark orange and yellow...i'll let you know what i come up with!
:o)the lace looks so pretty too!
Wow - I love the colors, and the combination of colors, lace, and the rose theme is really stunning - nicely done!
I think it totally says "rose garden". Looks great!
This is GORGEOUS! So soft and inviting. Thanks for sharing.
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