Thursday, July 06, 2006


Mitered squares

Hello everyone, I just joined the KAL although I have been hanging out and reading here for awhile. I have decided to make the mitered squares blanket (although I have been trying to talk myself out of it every since I bought the book) I really really like it and seeing as how Kaffe Fassett is my favorite quilter I have decided I must knit this blanket.
I would like to use Cotton classic but I'm having a hard time finding a place that carries a good variety of it. I also read that someone used Sonata. I haven't used that before. Is it similiar to Cotton Classic.
Any yarn suggestions or places to purchase the yarn would be great. Thank you.

I'm using Sonata from I couldn't comment on the Cotton Classic, but I'm happy with the Sonata. It's much cheaper ($1.98), comes in a variety of colors and blooms really nicely after throwing it in the washer. I'm currently knitting Mitered Squares and a Log Cabin Blanket with it. You can see pics of them on my blog if you're interested. The mitered squares are in the June 21st entry.
I'm using Sonata too. You can't beat it! My only complaint is that they don't have any orange or true yellow. But their range of earth tones and cool colors is great.
Try the Handworks Gallery, they are in Little Rock, but they have a great website and ship and I bought a ton of cotton classic on sale there in lots of colours and used it for my mitred square blanket. It knitted up really well.
I am using Reynolds Saucy that I bought from Webs. The skeins are big and I have 13 of them. So far I have gotten at least three squares' worth of one color and I am confident there's at least a fourth if not a fifth. The math suggests that for the big size from the book I would need 23 balls of yarn, but I don't want mine to be that big . . .
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