Thursday, July 06, 2006


Bibs and Burp Cloths

Here are the bibs and burp cloths I did for my next door neighbor's twin girls due any day now! This was such a fun and quick pattern. I used it for my car knitting and was even able to do one bib in the dark in the car on the way home from the local amusement park one night. The daisies are from Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers which I'd forgotten I had until I saw in another post someone had used those flowers for her bibs.

Since orange is my favorite color I Totally love your bibs and burp cloths! They look so fresh and sunny and must make everybody happy just by looking at them! Great job!
Those are the cutest! Those little flowers . . . Wow.
I love those! They are so cute and creative!
Cute, cute, cute! The colors are WOW the flower embellishments make them absolutely adoreable! What a great design touch! I wish my local library had the Nicky Epstein book you used for the floral patterns. I think I will have to speak to them. *grin*
Are the flowers knit or crochet? (I can do either)
These are so cute! I'll have to break out my copy of Knitted Flowers now...
soooo cute! I have to look into those flowers...
I love your colors! This baby will be the envy of everyone in the play group!!!
I love your colors! This baby will be the envy of everyone in the play group!!!
The flowers are knit. They were so quick to knit that it took longer to sew them on than knit them. I just used the yellow cotton yarn, doubled, and made a french knot in the center after I had sewn on the petals.
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