Thursday, July 06, 2006


my first post

Hi all! It's my first post and I just wanted to say you all have totally inspired me with everything that's been shown so far. I've finished 5 bibs (below) and a partial burp cloth so far. I can't wait to tackle things like a log cabin, bath mats, pot holder loop rugs or even *gasp* the moses basket for a family member on the way. Thanks for the enabling!

-the rachface

Wow! All for one baby? I love them. What is the pattern on the bib on the left?
Adorable. What a lucky baby!
On the red bib I did a basketweave stitch pattern I looked up in the Vogue Knitting book, just for something different. I still followed the Mason Dixon pattern, just had to add a couple of stitches to the cast on so it would work out.
I really like the different colors - how long does it take you to knit one of the bibs?

I think any reversible stitch pattern would work!
I love your bibs - especially the patterned bib! Great work!
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