Thursday, July 06, 2006


Log cabin for a log cabin

After all the 'designing' and planning, I have indeed started my brother's Christmas present - a log cabin blanket for his log cabin! My sis in law loves forest green and earthtones, which is why I chose these colors in the first place. It's a little dark for my taste but I think they'll love it.

I'd been thinking about the binding off issue, and the slip one st purlwise thing but am a rule follower by nature, so feared leaving the path of righteousness. Then when I read that practically everyone was doing it, I was nearly done with the first square and didn't want to screw anything up by changing horses in midstream. From now on, I vow to give in to peer pressure!

Thanks to everyone who cast a 'vote' on which design & colors looked best. You helped make this!!

don't worry about not slipping the first stitch - when i tried it i didn't even like how it looked, it seemed to make little holes along the picked-up edge for me. to each his/her own, right?

looking good so far!
looks great to me and i'm sure will be brilliant in the log cabin.
I love the colors. I want to try a log cabin, as we live in a house that is sort of log cabin-looking. At least we are going for that "Caribou Coffee" look. I've got to find enough yarn before starting something like this, but I love the look of yours. I'm sure your brother and family will love it a lot.
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