Thursday, July 06, 2006


Courthouse Steps

I was attracted to this blanket design immediately. Last year on a trip to New York City I visited the American Folk Art Museum and saw one of the Gee's Bend quilts there. I'm excited that a new exhibition is currently in Houston so a friend and I are going down next month and I'm so hoping to see the real one in person. Anyway, I'm actually making this as a gift for someone who recently had an intense experience seeing this exhibition when it was still in Atlanta. At this point I'm about a third of the way through. As ya'll can see in the photo, I'm using Lion Brand Cotton - merely due to the cost of the Rowan denim, and even the Elann Denim. I'm really enjoying it, but it did just sink in the other day how much more there is to go!

That blanket is looking really good! Be sure to post the blanket when it is finished.
That looks great, I'm sure it will be perfect.
The colors are perfect. How does the lion cotton feel? A Rowan denim blanket would blow my yarn budget for the year. So I can't afford to be a yarn snob.
So pretty! That pattern is one that attracted me from the beginning. I've been wondering how it would look a bit you, I know I'd be wondering "am I done yet?"
I really like the thin white stripe at the edge of each navy strip. Great color choices!
This really is stunning! You've done a beautiful job, and I think you were wise with your yarn substitution. Thank you for posting the picture!
I too, seek affordable yarns. Great to know that the more affordable yarns look so good (just like the book)! Thanks for letting other thrifties know about your success!
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