Sunday, July 09, 2006


MDK sessions

I'd never used the Peaches & Creme, but found out at the local SnB that I could get it at Walmart! I blame Mason Dixon for the dismal inventory. Ended up getting the varigated red, white and blue and a cone of the boring beige. I had to make them right then and there and could not wait for another shipment to come in! It knitted up in one evening of TV watching. It's so incredibly nice! I am really picky with my dishcloths, and absorbancy is number one. I use this rag every day, and it rocks! Went to JoAnns a few days later and bought a TON of Sugar & Creme. It's so cheap!


With three-stranded beige and white S&C,and 10.5 circs, and one extra repeat, I made a large ballband bathmat. It is so cushy and so nice! It took three skeins of each color, and I had to reverse the colors to utilize as much of the yarn as possible.

Started the Mitered Square blanket as well. (It's a good excuse to buy a skein of two every time you go to the yarn store.) It's also nice and mindless to knit when you're sick of other projects. Have made three squares so far. All the pictures and progress are here.


My husband bought me the MDK book a few weeks ago. It's such a fun read and the patterns are so cool. It has given me so many ideas for other housy knitting projects. The Mitered square blanket is probably not going to be full sized, but a lap blanket for the couch. Was thinking about making a pillow case in the big dotty pattern with the same colors and yarn as the blanket as well.

How many stitches did you cast on for the ballband bathmat?
And how big did it turn out!?
I love the ball band rug. I might have to make one for my kitchen!
Wow, that ballband bathmat is a great idea!
Super idea -- I think the great big ballband may bump Absorba off the top of my to-do list. Thanks for the inspiration. Kelly
wow! Ballband bath mat... I never would have thought of it. I was going to do a log cabin one, but yours looks soooo cool... I'll be waiting for the stats, too! :)
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